August 17th 2020

The Benefits of a Freight Management Portal

Freight is a common form of transport used in the shipping and movement of goods, and the management of this process determines how smoothly and efficiently it goes.
There are plenty of benefits when putting a management system in place, and a portal is a great option to facilitate that.

This piece will discuss the benefits of a freight management portal and what it can do for your business.

What Does Freight Management Involve?

Freight management is the whole shipping and transportation process in a supply chain. This includes the products being shipped, the timeframe in which products arrive at the correct destinations.

Many factors are part of this process, which means management is crucial.
Traditional means of managing freight transport will often contain several individual sectors that need to keep track of the whole process.

Sectors such as location, communication, packing, and quality assurance all go hand in hand with this process. With modern-day technology, there is plenty of software on the market to help these tasks become automated, seamless, and organised. A system such as a freight management portal can help all of these processes in several ways and really benefit a business.

End to End Shipment Track and Trace

A freight management portal can show track and trace of a shipment from end to end, which is invaluable for businesses that like to see where their products are and how a shipment is going. This also helps fewer missing packaging requests.

An automated system for logistics helps keep everything running efficiently during a shipment, and this can be integrated into a freight management portal.

Greater Interaction with Offices, Partners, and Customers

A freight management portal can help everyone involved in the process keep up to date with shipment tracking and process details. Offices in different locations and global partners and customers can all access the data they need from one portal at any time.

Document and Data Visibility and Management

Another benefit of having a freight management portal is that all documents and data are all organised and kept in the same place, which means they are all easy to access from anywhere. This is important so everyone can have the same information of a specific shipping process and know what needs to be done and when to keep everything running smoothly.

Integrate with Operational Systems

A really useful part of a freight management portal is its ability to facilitate the integration of current operational systems of a business. This means there is no need to change over processes and systems that are already being used, but instead, create a place where they can all be accessed together, easily stored, and organised.

Automated On-Demand Reporting

Reports are important to many businesses due to the data that can help predict future forecasts of shipment needs or demands. They can guide businesses in many sectors, such as marketing, budget planning, and decision making. Reports can also be used to track progress or any negatives that may show up in a shipping process such as irregularities, which can then be acted on.

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