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CocoonCarbon ~ C02 Carbon Emissions for Logistics & Freight Forwarders

CocoonCarbon is at the heart of our digital ecosystem, absolutely everything we do at CocoonFMS® is about making sure that we protect the environment.

We also realise that the logistics industry unfortunately is a big contributor to emissions which are harmful to the planet. That’s way all our servers are carbon offset and use electricity from wind farms and green eco-friendly sources.

We have also looked at how we can help logistics companies and their clients manage and report on their impact to the environment by developing CocoonCarbon.

We have done extensive research to find out how to measure and report on carbon emissions. We have gone to the lengths of actually speaking to pilots for 747 freight aircraft to find out how exactly the burn of fuel happens.

As we don’t operate our own vessels, planes or trucks we can’t work out the exact route each shipment takes, also there could be massive differences in whether conditions, speed of vessels and other factors which can distort or effect a calculation.

Over the last 2 years we have been enhancing our CocoonCarbon product which we now have very accurate locations of ports, airports and postcodes.  We have every postcode in Europe and USA for truck and every Airport and port there is in world down to almost the very centre of the port.

As we’re using live data from the logistics companies Transport/Freight Management operation system we can calculate the distance the shipment has travelled as “The Crow” fly’s i.e straight line and then we can work out the estimated C02 per shipment.  

The tool is integrated into the core of our CocoonTMP product it means your clients can run reports or schedule daily, weekly, monthly reports to see what there C02 emission are by Mode of transport, Port of Loading and by Carrier. We also neatly display on the dashboard by mode your total C02 Emissions year to date.

Our CocoonCarbon product will shortly be able to be integrated into any website and use are advanced tool.

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